EIPA aims to make Eswatini a leading Trade and Investment destination in Africa.

EIPA's mission is to attract, promote, encourage, and facilitate local and foreign direct investment and trade in Eswatini for Economic Development.

  • We maintain honesty and respect for all our stakeholders, while also demonstrating professionalism in all of our dealings.
  • Excellence
  • We exceed our customer and stakeholders expectations by offering quality services.
  • We also strive to make sure that our quality meets best practice standards through innovation and technology
  • Accountability
  • We are accountable to our customers and stakeholders by being answerable for our activities and accepting responsibility for them
  • Transparency
  • We promote full disclosure with our staff
  • We keep all our stakeholders informed with current and relevant information; and
  • We seek to provide reasonable practical explanations to our clients
  • Innovation
  • We promote an innovative approach to solving the challenges we face
  • We promote use of technology to minimize the cost doing our work, as well as to efficiently provide our services.