The Eswatini Investment Promotion Authority (EIPA) was created through an Act of Parliament, the Eswatini Investment Promotion Act of 1998, and was formally launched in April of the same year. EIPA is a ‘Category A’ Public Enterprise which means it is wholly funded by the Government of Eswatini.

EIPA’s mandate is to attract, encourage, facilitate and promote local and foreign trade and investment in Eswatini. It also facilitates the implementation of Government policies and strategies on investment and trade in the country while also advising the Minister on trade and investment policies, strategies, proposals and suitable incentives.

EIPA’s mandate is sub-divided into the following distinct functions;
  • Trade promotion –– to promote and stimulate local and foreign trade in and out of Eswatini by encouraging export development and marketing as well as import substitution
  • Investment promotion – by attracting and facilitating investment generation while also marketing Eswatini as a viable and attractive investment destination
  • Aftercare – retaining current investors and assisting them with growth and expansion initiatives where necessary.
  • Operate as a one stop shop trade and investment partner – to provide one stop shop services to investors and traders. E.g. permit applications, legislative support, registration and licensing among others.
  • Policy advocacy – including policy analysis and advice to the Minister and strategic government departments and institutions on trade and investment issues.