1Small Enterprise Development Company - SEDCO
SEDCO offers local traders with information and expertise on entrepreneurship. They equip traders with entrepreneurial basics such as business planning and business mentoring. SEDCO also provides incubation facilities for start-ups at a competitive price rate. These are situated in various places around the country. Moreover, training and workshops are made available to local existing businesses for growth and efficiency. With the benefit of these services, businesses are capacitated and therefore stand a good chance of acquiring financial support from financial institutions.
2Royal Science & Technology Park
The Royal Science Technology Park helps new and start-up businesses in the IT sector by providing services such as office space and capacity building through its Business Incubation style
3Namboard – National Agriculture Marketing Board
NAMBOARD facilitates markets for farmers in Eswatini and further assists them with the production, processing and storage. Farmers benefit a great deal from Namboard because their effort is committed towards the growth and maintenance of the produce while Namboard focuses on marketing these products through their Farmer Support and Development Unit. Namboard also has the incentive that local farmers can purchase farm inputs at a reduced rate, as well as purchasing produce from farmers based on agreements signed by both parties.
4Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation
Through their out-growers unit, they purchase sugar from over 2500 families involved in sugar cane production. Therefore, masses in the rural parts of Eswatini involved in sugar cane production have a standing customer in RSSC. These local growers, statistically, produce about 1.2 million tonnes of sugar cane. RSSC still desires to play a significant role in rural Eswatini development in as far as sugar cane is concerned.
5Central Bank of Eswatini (CBE)
They administer the Small Scale Enterprise Loan Guarantee Scheme. This basically encourages financial institutions to extend loans to small scale businesses that are viable and fully licensed with majority shareholders being Swazi. The shareholders must contribute 5% security of the required loan for start-ups and 15% for existing entities. Moreover, CBE administers the Export Credit Guarantee Scheme which further helps local businesses with export costs like purchasing of raw materials and transporting the goods. This loan is offered at a maximum of E 2.5 million.
6National Industrial Development Corporation of Eswatini (NIDCE)
NIDCE provides funding to businesses especially those interested in sectors that promote industrialization and high employment.
7Industrial Development Company of Eswatini
IDCE is a development finance company which mobilizes resources locally and internationally to finance projects in the private sector. Certain private sector projects inherently have supplementary services which are outsourced to SME’s. These SME’s can also access funding from IDCE; they invest in projects that will contribute to the development of the country.
8Regional Development Fund
This is funding that Government has made available to the constituencies of Eswatini. Recently, this budget has been stretched to E88 million. It has now become cooperative driven to ensure that the funding assists a larger group of people at once. These funds are administered by the Ministry of Tinkhundla Administration & Development.
9Government of Eswatini (through Ministry Of Finance)
Development Approval Order- In this incentive, the minister may approve that a company with the intention to make a significant investment in the country may be charged corporate tax at a reduced rate of up to 10%