Our Domestic Trade Promotion portfolio is responsible for local trade development and promotion through creating platforms for linkages between local traders.
In its functions, the department is responsible for;
  • Research and support towards import substitution, value addition and expansion.
  • Facilitation of trade and exhibition shows to promote and expose local products to the local market.
  • Dissemination of trade information to the local business, including policies, processes and opportunities availed by trade support organisations
  • Linkage of local traders with trade support organisations, e.g. financiers
  • FDI-SME linkage.
Proposed Domestic Trade Shows
Edu- Business Expo March 2020
Agri- Business Expo TBA (proposed to be in October 2019)
Fashion Show November 2019
EITF 2019 o 30th August- 9th September 2019